Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butterick 6710

Long time, no see! School started again, so I'm a very busy little bee. I have much less time to sew and to top it off summer's definately over; it was literally like summer one day, fall the next day. This left me feeling quite autumnal and I ended up postponing some more summery projects indefinately. Not only would these garments not get used, but the fabric and the colors were completely off for this time of year. I started looking through my pattern collection, as well as shopping for more vintage beauties, and I've found quite a few things to keep me occupied in the coming months.

Here's the pattern for my first fall project this year:

Here's how my interpretation looks:

I only made my usual adjustement of shortening the hem by two inches. The pattern was very straightforward and I highly recommend it. Here's a close-up of the tab:

The fabric is a chocolate cotton with a turquoise print called Lillies. As you can see, the texture is quite coarse. The fabric is also quite stiff, so I didn't have to wear a crinoline for the above pictures, but I think it would look lovely with a crinoline underneath. The skirt has six gores and is quite full. The buttons are faceted turquoise plastic shank buttons. If I can find some wide turquoise elastic, I'm considering making a cinch belt to match.

I've already got a new project in the works. Here's a little sneak peek:

My camera didn't capture the cute pink color of the fabric very well. Hopefully the pictures of the finished garment will be much better :)