Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simplicity 1412

Things have been very busy lately with exams taking a much bigger toll than I expected, so all my sewing projects have been delayed by about a week, but at least I finally have time to post the results of my attempt at Simplicity 1412.

Here's the pattern:

Front view of the finished product:

Back view of the finished product:

I treated this as a sort of wearable muslin, seeing as I made no major alterations to the pattern, except for making a slit instead of the suggested kick pleat, because the fabric was too thick for the kick pleat to look good. I also omitted the welts as the thickness of the fabric wouldn't make them look good either. I found the fabric on sale, dramatically reduced, and I didn't use a zipper as the fabric is quite stretchy. It's a rather thick cotton, the type of cotton you use for sweat-shirts. As for the colour, it unfortunately looks somewhat grey in the pictures, but it is a green pastel colour flecked with silver thread.
I had heard many good things about this pattern beforehand and working with it was definately a positive experience. It came together quickly and the darts and soft pleats were all in the right places. Particularly the soft pleats at the front of the skirt are really flattering:

Although I like wearing foundation garments, many times I simply do not bother because I'm in a hurry or it's too hot, and then it is nice if the garment is constructed in a way that flatters the tummy area and the soft pleats of this pattern ceratainly do that. I have used a similar pattern that also had soft pleats in the front part of the skirt, namely Simplicity 2144:

The fabric I used for this pattern was boiled wool, which is also rather thick. The soft pleats ended up looking like this:

They're not as flattering for my figure as the ones Simplicity 1412 presented, so I think I'll stick to Simplicity 1412 from now on. I already have some leopard print fabric lined up for my next version of it. The only alterations I intend to make to the patterns is taking it in by a little less than an inch down the center front and the same down the center back and I 'll probably leave the welts out again.
I also intend to make the jacket included with Simplicity 1412, as I have heard many good things about that part of the pattern as well.

Lastly, here's a sneak peak of my current project, Butterick 6020:

I'm going to wear it to a dance I'm attending on Saturday the 29th, so at least I have a deadline for it. The results will probably be posted around the same time, maybe before, it all depends on how demanding my next exam is :)


  1. Very cute dress, nice and simple. I am about to make a dress with soft pleats. It is good to hear how flattering they make the figure. Looking forward to seeing you next project. It looks adorable.

  2. I really like your dress. Very elegant and lovely!

  3. That sneak peek looks fun! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Love the classic, elegant style of your dress. It's such a timeless piece! And the sneak peek looks exciting, too!

  5. I Must say, I saw your dress on Sew Retro, and I just simply love it!! The cut and style are great and the color is lovely!! Good Job!

  6. Thank you so much for all your kind comments, I really appreciate it. I'm currently hemming my latest project, Butterick 6020, so pictures and a description of the work process should be up shortly :)

  7. I just came across your blog-Such a clever name!!!!

  8. i'm so happy to have found your blog. do you have a shop?

  9. Marie: I'm very flattered you ask if I have a shop, but I'm afraid I don't and don't plan to in the near future for the reasons stated in my reply to your comment to my version of Butterick 6020 over on Sew Retro. I will, however, gladly give advice when I can :)

  10. I have this vintage pattern too, but haven't got to it yet. Do you think you will make (or have you already made) the little fitted jacket that goes with? I really want one in black cotton velvet if I can find some that isn't too thick.

  11. lexi: I'm planning to make the jacket in a different kind of fabric to match a dress I have yet to make. If you'd like to see what the jacket can look like before I get round to making one, here's a link for a blog post about the jacket pattern: http://thedollyblogge.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/simplicity-1412/
    Enjoy :)

  12. I have been checking you out since you purchased a pattern from me and you have inspired me to make one of the many vintage patterns I have kept for myself. I will keep you posted on my progress. I love what you have done. So very cool.


  13. That sounds great, Barbara! Please do keep me posted. What pattern did I buy from you? :)