Monday, February 15, 2010


I tend to get a lot of inspiration for my sewing projects from movies, especially those set in my favourite periods. When I went to see Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds last year, I was thrilled by the few women in the movie and what they wore. I especially liked the suit Diane Kruger's character Bridget von Hammersmark was wearing during the bar scene:

Here's a close-up showing the different fabrics used for the jacket:

As usual I was mentally flicking through my pattern collection to see if I had anything that would be suitable for that kind of suit and I do happen to have a pattern that could work:

But I left it at that. Exams, Christmas and what have you got in the way and I didn't really think about it until last week. A friend had told me about a wonderful little shop in the heart of Aarhus, where a collector of vintage fashion was selling some of the dresses, hats, shoes, jewelry and other beautiful things from her collection. So we went to the shop to have a look (my friend was already addicted to the place) and I found a wonderful hat from the early 1940s (that's my guess, anyway). It was made in Aarhus by one of the best hat makers of the time, her label still in the hat. The felt is in great condition, there's no wear to it whatsoever. Unfortunately, the crisp colours of the hat weren't captured by my camera:

I didn't buy it right away, as I always try to not be too impulsive (I am a student, after all), but I couldn't stop thinking about it and I finally decided I had to buy it when I remembered I had these gloves:

The colour of the gloves is actually also more crisp in real life. How typical - damn mobile camera! Anywho, the colour of the gloves match the green of the hat alarmingly well and to make a long story short (too late), the hat and gloves sparked my imagination and I remembered the suit from Inglorious Basterds. I'm thinking about making the skirt of the suit in brown and the jacket in brown for the most part, with green details, should I still go with Simplicty 3688. I have also considered this pattern for the suit:

I think it would look rather nice with the majority of the jacket in brown and then the parts that are cut on the bias in the picture on the pattern envelope in green. Hmmm....

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